As we enter into this season of abundance, why not plan ahead for a gift for yourself in the new year?

Starting on Friday, January 16th, I’ll be teaching my seven-session Simplicity Parenting class. Class will meet for seven weeks from 10am-12pm at The Portland Waldorf School.

In these classes, we will, as a group, explore how to align our family life with our values, dreams and hopes. We will learn together, laugh a lot, do experiential exercises and understand how to make thoughtful and sustainable changes at home.

The general themes for each week are as follows:
Week 1: Discovering our Core Values, Forming the Group, Hopes for the Class & Why Simplify?
Week 2: Understanding and Treating Soul Fever, Connecting to the Heart Muscle of Compassion
Week 3: Decluttering and Simplifying our Homes
Week 4: Understanding the Importance of Rhythm and How to Strengthen It in our Families
Week 5: Scheduling and Making Time and Space for Deep Play
Week 6: Protecting our Children’s Childhood, What to do about Screen Time
Week 7: Moving Forward with the Simplicity Journey

Won’t you join me? I hope so!

Sign up by January 1st for early-bird discount.