I really like this post, about parenting as if someone’s watching; not so necessary during the times when we’re on our game, but for the times when we’re not – for whatever reason (tired, hungry, anxious etc.) – it can be so helpful.

Who is the person you might picture? For me it would be Ms. Anne Marie, my boys’ early childhood teacher and my parenting mentor and inspiration. Patient, wise, calm and strong, with eyes always twinkling, Anne Marie taught me so much by her example, believed in my abilities as a mama and set me on the path to teaching Simplicity Parenting and I am so grateful. When I imagine her watching me parent, it is not with a feeling of being judged or having to ‘perform’ to her satisfaction, it is more asking myself what she would do, which reminds me that there is a different, better way through this moment than what I am defaulting to.

What kind, wise person could you invite into the room with you the next time things get difficult?

Best wishes for a peaceful and joy-filled 2016!