The Vital Connection

The Vital Connection

A Power-to-Parent Course created by The Neufeld Institute

Eight-week Course Begins on April 3rd, 2019

You Can’t ‘Pass Go’ without The Vital Connection

The Vital Connection focuses on the child-adult relationship as the crucial context for raising children. We will explore: how this relationship is meant to develop, what can go wrong, why parents must matter more than peers, how to cultivate a context of connection and how to ‘win back’ one’s child if need be.

Attachment-safe and developmentally friendly discipline strategies are also introduced.

The Vital Connection delivers the best that developmental science has to offer to those who are our children’s best bet – parents and those who support them.

The effect of the material is to restore parents to their natural intuition as well as to their rightful place in their children’s lives. The principles and dynamics apply to children of any age; the course explores issues and challenges facing most every parent.

The Vital Connection offers a complete approach to parenting. Rather than dumbing parents down with prescriptive solutions and superficial strategies, this class truly informs and educates so that parents can become the true experts in their children’s lives.

The basic attachment and developmental needs of children are uncovered so that parents can become the answer to these needs. Challenging problems are explained is such a way that the root problems can be addressed.


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