The Alpha Child

The Alpha ChildĀ 

A course created by The Neufeld Institute and facilitated by Lisa Weiner, MSN, certified Neufeld Facilitator

When parents come into my office reporting that parenting is impossibly difficult, it usually turns out that their child is what Dr. Gordon Neufeld calls an “Alpha child.” Alpha children are bossy, controlling, stubborn, anxious and, yes, very difficult to parent.

Attachment is hierarchical and Nature’s plan is for parents and teachers to be the warm and generous providers and for children to be the receptive dependents.

With Alpha children Nature’s plan is turned on its head. Alpha children’s instincts are to be in the lead and it doesn’t feel right for them to follow or depend.

In this ten hour course, we will explore all aspects of the Alpha child: the intended purpose of Alpha and Dependent instincts, what can go wrong when Alpha instincts get stuck, are out of context and/or exist without a soft heart. qualities of an Alpha child, how roles become inverted, what Alpha children need from us, and, finally, how to get back into right relationship with the Alpha children in our lives.


Online Class Begins November 1st!

  • Receive access to the Neufeld Online Campus to watch the class videos
  • 4 live online classes to dive deeply into the class material
  • Private online forum to post questions and responses
  • Online classes will be recorded for those who can’t make it

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Hear What Other Parents Have to Say about this Class:

I would highly recommend this course to other parents. I am surprised by how much it has affected the way I see myself and I know it will affect how I relate to others [not just my child]. – S.M., father to a 15-year-old boy

I highly recommend this class for all parents and teachers.

I found it to be applicable to the dynamics in my marriage just as much as the dynamics of my parenting! – M.M., mother of a 6-year-old boy

This course teaches an invaluable perspective of the Alpha role and relationship issues. It is life-changing and so refreshing. This approach just makes sense! – K.U., mother of two girls, ages 3 and 6

I would recommend this course to other parents because a lot of this information was not intuitive to me, even after being a mother for 7+ years. – D.S., mother to two children ages 7 and 5

I would definitely recommend this course to others, honestly, even if they didn’t have children! There are so many layers to these ideas and how they show up in ourselves and our relationships. Plus, Lisa is an amazing facilitator, providing so much loving support, wisdom and personal stories that illustrate the concepts. – J.L., mother to a 15-year-old boy

I almost didn’t sign up for this course because I didn’t think my kids had Alpha issues. I feel like it has been extremely helpful for me and would be helpful for every parent, whether or not you identify your child as Alpha. – K.D., mother to two teens

This class has been critical for me in establishing “right relationship” with my child so she can be confident that I’ve absolutely got her back. – B.H., mother of a 6-year-old

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