Play 101

Play 101

A Primer for Parents, Therapists & Teachers

A four-session course created by Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Why a course on play? How possibly could this be relevant to the challenges being faced by today’s parents, teachers and therapists? The course will answer that question and more, hopefully opening up an exciting new universe of understanding for participants. Play is in fact one of the newest subjects of scientific inquiry – so broad in its scope that several different academic disciplines are involved, including neuroscience. As a result there is an emerging consciousness regarding play that is not only intellectually stimulating but immensely useful in most any arena of one’s life, be it emotional or relational or developmental in nature, or be in for oneself or for one’s children, students or clients.

In play we get to study the very mind of Nature itself. Play is the proverbial ‘keyhole’ through which we can get a glimpse of the mysterious inner workings of development. Play is not only the darling subject of the developmental approach but also its greatest defense.

What Dr. Neufeld brings to the play material is a comprehensive understanding of both attachment and development. He is able to join the dots in a way that no one else is quite yet equipped to do. The picture that emerges should inspire confidence in Nature as well as some resolve to help Nature do its work through play.

“Brain development is well disguised in the seemingly innocuous cloak of play.”

– Joe Frost, Play Theorist




What do the following scenarios have in common?

*parenting with a chronic illness?
*parenting a child on the autism spectrum?
*parenting through divorce or family separation?
*parenting an anxious child?

*parenting a highly frustrated child

They all need steady injections of play to help move stuckness and support emotional health!

Class Begins on August 6th!