Personalized Group Classes

I am excited to introduce the option of personalized group classes! 

What are they? These are small classes (4-8 parents) in which we will address exactly the issue(s) that your group is interested in!

Is 6th grade throwing your child for a loop?
Grab some friends and let’s have a class about it!

Is phone use the issue that you and your friends are constantly discussing?
Let’s have a class about that!

Does your child rule the roost in your home?
Gather some other long-suffering friends and let’s understand what could be the issue here.

How do they work?

You gather the group, decide the topic and we’ll find a time to meet in my office. Small group classes can meet for one-time or several.

Not in Portland?

No problem! Same thing: gather your group, decide what you want to learn about and we’ll meet in a Zoom Room to have our classes.

How many sessions?

That depends. Before we begin, we’ll chat about the issue or issues your group is wanting to address and agree upon the number of session that seems right.

How much does this cost?

Personalized classes cost $200/hour, so if there are four of you, you’ll pay $50 per class hour, if there are eight of you, you’ll each pay only $25 per class hour!

Interested is organizing a personalized class for your friends or parents in your child’s class?

E-mail me: and let’s get the ideas flowing!

The Bonus?

I’ll bake for you! Home-baked treats and tea will be provided for each class :)*


*Caveat: I can’t bake for distance classes; I haven’t mastered the virtual transport of baked goods…yet 😉

**Also, I am always available to speak at parent evenings, class meetings, teacher in-services etc. if that better suits your needs.



Handmade Parenting Color bowl and whisk