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Discipline: A New Paradigm parent Annagrace says:

annagraceandgirls300x300I am so grateful for Lisa and the work she does with parents. I came to the Discipline class tired, frustrated, and second-guessing my inner knowing. I left feeling like a weight had come off my heart and with a greater sense of freedom and joy. I’m already seeing big changes in how we respond as a family to frustration and challenges, and we are all feeling much more connected and relaxed in each others’ presence. I’m connected again to my intuition and to my children’s hearts.

Thank you, Lisa!

Why Discipline: A New Paradigm?

Do you sometimes feel at a loss in your role as parent? That you aren't sure how to respond to some of your child's behavior? Do you grow impatient or angry more often than you'd like? Do you sometimes feel like your child sees you as his or her opponent? I get it.

Do you wish you had a better approach for the challenging moments of parenting? Do you  yearn for a closer relationship with your child? Would you like your child to know that you are her "best bet"*? That you are the one who will tenderly hold his heart? I get it.

As parents, we have so much love for our children; we want only the best for them. But sometimes, daily behaviors and patterns of interaction feel complicated; we don't know how to respond to rude or aggressive behavior; we find ourselves engaged in power struggles, arguments or endless iterations of consequences. I get it.

In Discipline: A New Paradigm, we will start at the beginning, with our relationship with our child. We will come to understand that our connection with them is the root of their growth, happiness, maturity and development. We will learn how to make sense of our child's behavior (and misbehavior!) and how to preserve our relationship with them, no matter what comes our way.

In Discipline: A New Paradigm, we will learn together - through video lessons, live group coaching calls, a vibrant parent forum and more. We will share wisdom, stories, tips, tricks and, definitely, laughs. We will remember our role as warm, firm, calm, loving and generous guardians of our children's hearts.

Won't you join me?

I look forward to sharing this transformative paradigm with you!

– Lisa

*The idea of being our children's "best bet" comes from the amazing work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld. For this, and so many other brilliant ideas, I am grateful to him!

More Parent feedback:

Just wanted you to celebrate with me. Today, we played tv instead of the boys watching. A. and the dog did a show while C. and I watched... No talk of consequences or take aways. Something happened then we faced it and they looked relieved. Warm alpha all day. The talk of strength last night filled me up this morning. Thank you!!

(Recent Discipline Class Parent)

Your class was more than I had even hoped for, thank you for structuring and teaching such important material in an area that somehow is being systematized… you’re right about intuition.

(Recent Discipline Class Parent)

Class was great last night. Your end note of "just give more" has really stuck with me. I find myself in situations where normally I might feel done or pulling back in order to conserve energy/love (the real reason for conserving tho I think has to do with just not knowing I COULD give more! Finite love? I think not!). I think so often we're programmed as humans to believe in finite resources that we never question it, especially within ourselves. It was a big ah-ha! 

(Recent Discipline Class Parent)

Lisa's Discipline class helped me take a closer look at how my parenting actions (and reactions)... The material she presented shined light on the ongoing opportunities to support and nurture our children in their emotional development by practicing calm, confident, consistent and compassionate leadership. Lisa creates a warm and inviting space to integrate these concepts. Participating in this class was a wonderful experience! 

                                    - Lara, mom to a two-year-old


I am so grateful for Lisa and the work she does with parents. I came to the Discipline class tired, frustrated, and second-guessing my inner knowing. I left feeling like a weight had come off my heart and with a greater sense of freedom and joy. I’m already seeing big changes in how we respond as a family to frustration and challenges, and we are all feeling much more connected and relaxed in each others’ presence. I’m connected again to my intuition and to my children’s hearts. Thank you, Lisa!

 - Annagrace, mother of two girls ages 8 and 11

Ready to Get Started?

Discipline: A New Paradigm

...is for you if...
  • You have exhausted your list of punishments and consequences and are still struggling with misbehavior.
  • "Time-Outs" don't quite feel right to you.
  • Your child's friends (and their social media accounts!) have more influence over them than you do.
  • You’re a step-parent and would like to learn how to best support your step-children
  • You’re a grandparent, or a grandparent-to-be, and yearn for a close relationship with your grandchild.
  • You’re a teacher - in any classroom from preschool through college! - and would like to learn a new approach to "difficult students"

What is Discipline: A New Paradigm?

This class is based on the attachment-based developmental theory of Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

Here's a quick curriculum overview:

Week 1: We will get to know the new paradigm, explore the six attachment roots, discuss punishments, rewards, consequences and time-outs and learn how to "collect" our children. The roots of misbehavior will be explored.
Week 2: We will learn about the importance of our children being attached to us in the appropriate Alpha/Dependent hierarchy. We will explore the seven Alpha Challenges.
Week 3: We will dive Deeper into the heart of our relationship with our child, understand how to be their "best bet," and explore Guidelines for Handling Incidents (i.e. "What to do When...")
Week 4: We will seek to understand Counterwill: it's roots, how to work with it and how to apply Rhythm to defuse it. We will also learn about Peer Orientation and what steps we can take to ensure that we as parents are more important than peers in our children's lives.
Week 5: This week we will discuss how to help our children with the 'workhorse' emotion of frustration and the relationship between frustration, tears, tantrums and resilience. With this understanding, we will explore what to do with "foul frustration." We will also learn how parenting helps us to grow up.

Each week, you'll receive: five learning videos on a wide variety of topics (video recordings of Lisa's live Discipline classes), along with written transcripts, lively conversation and Q and A in the parent forum and a Saturday morning live group coaching call.

More questions? E-mail me: lisa@handmadeparenting.com

Lisa Weiner in Discipline: A New Paradigm
Lisa teaching Discipline: A New Paradigm  (photo credit: Holly Sorensen)

Already enrolled in Discipline: A New Paradigm?

How the Discipline: A New Paradigm online course works:

Class starts on January 30th, each week, for five weeks, you will:

Learn at your own pace: Each week, you'll receive access to new teaching videos and articles about the weekly topics. View on your computer, tablet, or even smartphone at your convenience. Not sure you can keep up? No problem! We're all busy-- that's why the course material is available to you for six weeks after the course ends.

Get specific, hands-on answers: Each week, you'll take part in an hour-long live group coaching session (Saturdays at 8:30AM PST/10:30AM EST) where we will learn ways to apply what we are learning to the nitty-gritty moments of family life. Got questions for me? This is where we'll work together to find your answers.

Join our vibrant parent community: You'll participate in a lively class forum where you can ask questions, offer support and share ideas, articles and resources. This is the "cozy coffee shop" of the class: where we get to know each other, create community and tease out the many layers of what we are learning and how they apply specifically to our family.

And more: You'll receive links to relevant articles, blog posts and other workshops and classes I recommend.

Client Love!

SonjaOne of Lisa's greatest strengths is presenting material in a way that it can be used without a lot of practice.  I notice immediate benefits at home after one of her classes.  She seems to continuously study because she always finds new information that fits the topic at hand.  I appreciate her mix of teaching, using guided meditations (one from a few years ago that I use to this day) personal mantras and experiences that make her classes relatable, down to earth and the most worthwhile parenting help I have found. 

Sonja Geisler

JenniferI recently took Simplicity Parenting 101 and loved it. I found it to be a parenting approach that is in alignment wth my deeper sense of relationship with my daughter. It's drawn my attention to being more present and creating a very valuable rhythm in our lives.  Lisa is an amazing teacher; her stories bring simplicity parenting to life and create a vivid reference point for the teachings. I highly recommend her courses and, personally, I can't get enough of them!

Jennifer Ohno

AndreaTaking Simplicity Parenting 101 has been one of the best things I've done for myself and my family. The recommendations have been simple, yet have had profound effects on our family life.

Andrea Livingston

DreLisa's Simplicity Parenting 101 and Simplicity Summer Workshop have had an incredible impact on my parenting. I became a keen observer of my children's play and learned how and when we needed to make shifts in our activities. This had an extremely positive impact on my children. I saw less meltdowns and sibling conflicts! I've read lots of parenting books and have taking a couple other classes but I have to say, Lisa's class gave me some serious tools for my parenting toolbox that I have come to heavily rely on!

Dre Davey

Kristine and ElliottLisa was always very responsive and thoughtful; she listened well and gave excellent advice. I learned how to slow down and connect more with my son.

Kristine Ringler

How often do you take time to consciously develop and hone your parenting skills?

How often to think about your guiding principles as a parent? How often do you make space to reflect thoughtfully on your parenting and to consciously make changes to create more joy and connection in your family?

If you’re like most parents today, the answer to these questions is “not often enough.”

And it’s no wonder! Most of us are so busy trying to keep up with the daily work of life and parenting that we spend almost no time developing our parenting skills, getting in touch with our inner-parenting wisdom or getting the support that we long for and deserve.

By signing up for my Discipline: A New Paradigm class, you can help change all that.

As parents who have taken my classes can tell you, setting aside the time and space to explore parenting issues in a deliberate and supportive manner can be nothing short of life-changing.

As a result of my classes, parents experience:

  • deeper connections to their children,
  • increased clarity in their parenting,
  • the ability to stay more present with their children,
  • more understanding of their children, and what drives their behaviors.
  • increased confidence in being able to take care of their children.
  • more tolerance for the wide range of feelings present in their children (and in themselves!).