Classes & Workshops

The Vital Connection

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Adolescence & Sexuality

In this 4-week course, developed by The Neufeld Institute as supplement to mainstream “Sex Ed”, we will explore how to support our teens in relating to their unfolding sexuality in a way that is respectful, safe and healthy (for body and heart).

In a culture that is hyper-sexualized and rife with wounding sexual messages, our teens need us to assuredly and protectively guide them through this new territory.

Through the lenses of development, maturation, vulnerability and attachment we will come to better understand what our teens need from us; and we will likely come to understand sexuality in general a bit better along the way.

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Personalized Group Classes

I am so excited to announce a new Handmade Parenting offering: personalized group classes! 

What are they? 

These are small classes (2-6 parents) in which we will address exactly the issue(s) that your group is interested in!

How do they work? 

You gather the group, decide the topic and we’ll find a time and space to meet. If your group has 4 or fewer parents in it, we can meet in my (small!) office; if your group is larger than that, we can meet at one of your homes.

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Parent Coaching

Can’t make it to a class or workshop?

I offer personalized support to parents around many parenting issues.

Some of my areas of expertise include:

  • Creating stronger family rhythms
  • Setting up bedrooms and play spaces to cultivate deep play
  • Increasing family connection
  • Creating meal plans
  • Preserving childhood
  • Teaching warm, firm and kind limit-setting and discipline

Interested in booking a FREE 15 minute discovery conversation with me? Click to learn more.

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