In most parts of the country, there is between one week and three weeks left of “summer vacation.” This means…there’s still time left: time left to do not much of anything.

Has your summer been busy? Filled with trips and camping and hikes and swimming? That’s great! AND, doing none of those things for a while is also great. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, or have taken a class with me, you know that I’m a big fan of letting kids get bored. So, busy summer folks, now is the time: cancel the plans, forget that “one last” road trip/camping overnight/bbq; wipe that calendar clean and let your kids do a whole lot of nothing.

School will start soon and with it will come lots of things that must get done: homework, sports, playdates, music lessons must all somehow fit into the spaces around school. We all face stress and busy times better after we’ve had some time to replenish. So, let these last few weeks of summer be a time of filling up by slowing down.