How has your summer been? Even if your answer is “great!” summer (along with other long stretches of time at home with our kids) has a way of illuminating those areas in our families and in our parenting that could use some, uh, “assistance.” If you’re anything like me, you definitely noticed some places that you could do better, have more skills to choose from, feel more mastery of the situation.

What many of us commonly do at times when we feel a little bit down on our parenting skills is to check a few books out of the library, read some articles and maybe commiserate with a friend. Sometimes, this is just what we need to get us back on track, but, often, these things serve as a quick-fix and, far too quickly, we find ourselves feeling despairing again.

Simplicity Parenting 101 offers a thorough, organized and systematic approach to upping our parenting game. We start at the beginning (by clarifying our parenting values) and move, step-by-step, during the nine-weeks of class, through the whole range of parenting issues, challenges, questions and joys. It is a completely different experience to move through parenting learning with an experienced guide and a supportive group of like-minded parents than it is to defeatedly google “How to deal with defiance” at 10pm after a long and hard day.

Simplicity Parenting 101 offers a way to root deeply into your intuition, skills and power as a parent. I hope you will join me!

*Financial Assistance is always available. E-mail me for details.