Last week in my classes we explored the topic of “Scheduling” — wondering if we have enough unscheduled time for our children (and the whole family), thinking about how to create space for deep play and discussing the “gift of boredom”. We could have talked for many more hours about these rich topics!

One idea I have been exploring lately is the idea of the “Sit Spot”, as described in Jon Young’s book Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature for Kids of All Ages and Their Mentors.

There is a nice blog post here from a mom exploring the idea of a sit spot with her children.

I have just the spot in mind for my sit spot: right outside our front door where we have a seed feeder and a suet feeder. I’m going to aim for five minutes a day out there, starting today. I’ll keep you posted on my Sit Spot exploration…why not find a Sit Spot of your own and join me?