Simplicity Parenting 101

Simplify. Connect. Create More Joy.


4 Week Course begins May 8th, 2017

Why Simplicity Parenting 101?

When you sign up for my nine-week Simplicity Parenting 101 class, you are signing up for:

  • Increased Connection with loved ones;
  • Intentional Time and Space to make improvements in your family life;
  • Support for yourself and your family on this vital journey of parenting &
  • Transformation as you bring more awareness to yourself and your relationship with your children.

I look forward to travelling this path of simplicity with you.

– Lisa

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Simplicity Parenting 101 for you if...
  • You would like to polish up those tools in your parenting toolbox (and add a few more new ones!)
  • You have a child who is anywhere between 0 and 18 years-old, whom you would like to connect with more
  • You’re pregnant and want to “begin as you wish to continue” on your parenting path
  • You’re a step-parent and would like to learn how to best support your step-children
  • You’re a grandparent, or a grandparent-to-be
  • You’re a teacher - preschool through high-school - and would like to bring the benefits of simplicity to your classroom
  • You are a special auntie/godmom/second mom and want to keep up with the latest developments in brain science and child development
  • You’re a counselor or therapist who works with children and would like to be able to offer parents more ideas to help with their children’s anxiety or behavior issues

What is Simplicity Parenting 101?

Curious about what we'll cover in Simplicity Parenting 101? This course is a comprehensive introduction to Simplicity Parenting and will get you started on the path of family life simplification. Throughout, Simplicity Parenting 101 weaves together the latest understandings from the worlds of brain science, psychology, education and child development, with practical, down-to-earth tips, resources and ideas.

Here's a quick curriculum overview:

Week One: Why Simplify, Values Clarification, Soul Fever and Parental Self-Regulation

Week Two: Simplifying your Home Environment  (Toys, Clutter and Minimizing) and Creating more Family Rhythm (Chores, Manners & Meals)

Week Three: Sustainable Scheduling (How to Cultivate Deep Play and the Gift of Ordinary Days) and Filtering Out the Adult World: Adult Topics, Screens, Social-Emotional "Learning"

Week Four: Moving Forward with Simplicity


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How Simplicity Parenting 101 works:

Class starts on Monday, May 8th. Each week, for four weeks, you will:

Learn at your own pace: Every week, you'll receive videos with teachings, exploration and stories about the weekly topic. View on your computer, tablet, or even smartphone at your convenience. Not sure you can keep up? No problem! We're all busy-- that's why the course has two "catch-up weeks" built in, as well as lifetime access to all course material.

Dive deeper: You'll receive worksheets with activities designed to help you experientially explore the weekly topic, and to guide you through the process of crafting positive, sustainable changes to your daily family life.

Get specific, hands-on answers: Each week (Fridays at 11amPST/2pmEST), you'll take part in an hour-long live group coaching session where we will learn ways to apply what we are learning to the nitty-gritty moments of family life. Got questions for me? This is where we'll work together to find your answers.

Join our vibrant parent community: You'll participate in a lively class forum where you can ask questions, offer support and share ideas, articles and resources. This is the "cozy coffee shop" of the class, where we get to hang out, get to know each other and create community. I will check in daily to answer questions, address themes and swap stories.

And more: You'll receive links to relevant articles, blog posts and other workshops and classes I recommend, as well as book, craft and recipe recommendations!

Client Love!

SonjaOne of Lisa's greatest strengths is presenting material in a way that it can be used without a lot of practice.  I notice immediate benefits at home after one of her classes.  She seems to continuously study because she always finds new information that fits the topic at hand.  I appreciate her mix of teaching, using guided meditations (one from a few years ago that I use to this day) personal mantras and experiences that make her classes relatable, down to earth and the most worthwhile parenting help I have found. 

Sonja Geisler

JenniferI recently took Simplicity Parenting 101 and loved it. I found it to be a parenting approach that is in alignment wth my deeper sense of relationship with my daughter. It's drawn my attention to being more present and creating a very valuable rhythm in our lives.  Lisa is an amazing teacher; her stories bring simplicity parenting to life and create a vivid reference point for the teachings. I highly recommend her courses and, personally, I can't get enough of them!

Jennifer Ohno

AndreaTaking Simplicity Parenting 101 has been one of the best things I've done for myself and my family. The recommendations have been simple, yet have had profound effects on our family life.

Andrea Livingston

DreLisa's Simplicity Parenting 101 and Simplicity Summer Workshop have had an incredible impact on my parenting. I became a keen observer of my children's play and learned how and when we needed to make shifts in our activities. This had an extremely positive impact on my children. I saw less meltdowns and sibling conflicts! I've read lots of parenting books and have taking a couple other classes but I have to say, Lisa's class gave me some serious tools for my parenting toolbox that I have come to heavily rely on!

Dre Davey

Kristine and ElliottLisa was always very responsive and thoughtful; she listened well and gave excellent advice. I learned how to slow down and connect more with my son.

Kristine Ringler

How often do you take time to consciously develop and hone your parenting skills?

How often to think about your guiding principles as a parent? How often do you make space to reflect thoughtfully on your parenting and to consciously make changes to create more joy and connection in your family?

If you’re like most parents today, the answer to these questions is “not often enough.”

And it’s no wonder! Most of us are so busy trying to keep up with the daily work of life and parenting that we spend almost no time developing our parenting skills, getting in touch with our inner-parenting wisdom or getting the support that we long for and deserve. 

By signing up for my Simplicity Parenting class, you can help change all that.

As parents who have taken my classes can tell you, setting aside the time and space to explore parenting issues in a deliberate and supportive manner can be nothing short of life-changing.

As a result of my classes, parents experience:

  • deeper connections to their children,
  • increased clarity in their parenting,
  • the ability to stay more present with their children,
  • less struggles with bedtime, getting out the door in the morning, and other daily transitions,
  • more connection over family meals,
  • less battles over chores and manners,
  • and many more of those small, joyful moments that all parents wish for.