I am so looking forward to my 3rd annual Simplicity Holidays workshop happening tonight in the Library at Tabor Space!

This workshop is always a fun night: filled with sharing the joys, stresses and creativity of the holiday season. I always like to be sure that each participant leaves with one small doable change to make their holiday season more joyful and less stressful. One way we hone in on what this change might be is to explore our values around the holidays; to figure out what’s really important to us and for our children and to then let the rest fall away.

We also explore how to approach any difficult conversations that might need to happen to help our holidays be more aligned with our values (You know that relative that gifts your children 20 things from the dollar store that each have 15 pieces? Yeah, that conversation…), which is not only helpful, but also usually very funny.

Additionally, I have snacks prepared that will delight your senses, to help us remember how our children’s sensory experiences of the holidays are the things that make the most lasting memories. And, I have on loan from the Spring Creek store some beautiful items to make our center altar.

There will be all this and much more! *AND* there are three spots left!! Would you like to join us? You can register here until 4pm today.

Hope to see you tonight!

Questions? e-mail me at lisa@handmadeparenting.com