One week from today the second round of Simplicity Parenting 101 will begin and a wonderful group of parents from around the country will embark on an adventure of learning, growing and sharing together.

I am so proud of this online course I created (along with Reidy Brown of Your Brilliant Biz): it manages to hit all the right notes — lots of concrete learning (through videos and recordings I made) coupled with experiential exercises (worksheets I created and recorded meditation exercises), all made fresh and fun by the many opportunities for real time connection (the Saturday morning group calls and the 24/7 parent forum).

During last Spring’s round (SP101’s “maiden online voyage”) strong friendships were forged, lasting and impactful changes were made and parents gained a sense of having their footing under them in a new way. Parents shared that they felt more “on their game” and rooted in their “parental resolve,” more able to be responsive, rather than reactive.

Different than reading a great parenting book, or attending a parent talk one evening, SP101 moves through material in a sequential and organized fashion, which builds a strong foundation and adds skills from there.

Rather than a sense of “Oh, I’ll try X technique that I read about in that book!” or “What was that thing that the expert recommended I do in this situation?” ┬áSP101 alumni feel a sense of ownership and rootedness in their parenting understanding and skills; they feel more clear about their values and responses.

Some parents have let me know that they feel a bit confused about how an online course will work, never having taken one before. If you are feeling that way too – a little anxious, confused, not sure if it’s right for you – let me reassure you: the course was designed to be very user-friendly and to be moved through in the way that works for you. Last time, some parents spent about ninety-minutes on Sunday evenings going through the bulk of the week’s material, and then spent some time each evening enjoying the parent forum and joined in the Saturday group call. Others spent a bit of time (fifteen or twenty minutes) each day on the class. Yet others had to skip out for a week due to family illness or business travel and then caught up the next week. Basically, it can work in a way that works for you. And – the material is always available to you (you have permanent access), so if you want to review or catch up on some material you skipped, it’s always there!

Finally, you may be wondering, who is this class for? Let me give you a list of the types of parents who have found answers, joy and support from my classes:

  • Parents who are satisfied in their family life and want to learn more about child development,
  • Parents who are divorced and wanting to best support their kids (sometimes one parent takes the class and sometimes both do)
  • Parents whose family is going through a transition (death, illness, moving, new baby)
  • Parents whose child is having trouble in school
  • Parents of toddlers
  • Parents of tweens
  • Parents of children who are having emotional issues
  • …and so many more.

The skills learned in SP101 are skills that can be applied across the spectrum to help support our children and create stronger relationships.

So, I hope you will register today to join us for a transformative journey that will connect you to your own heart and the heart of your child.

*Do you need financial assistance? Interested in a payment plan? Please e-mail me: and we’ll figure something out.