Following up on my post about the joys and benefits of playing games as a family, I’d like to share some collaborative games that we enjoy.

For some children, winning and losing at games can be really tricky territory; for others, it’s no big deal. If you play games with your children, you’ll learn quickly which category they fall into. No matter which kind(s) of child(ren) you have, games where all players are on the same team, trying to “beat” the game or solve some sort of problem or mystery, can be a great place to start playing family games. Often suited for very young children, cooperative games provide a gentle introduction to the world of games and still offer many of the benefits described here.

Secret Door is a mystery-solving game that involves luck and memory as you collaboratively try to figure out what items (gold coins, dagger, jewels) are behind the “secret door”.

Harvest Time is a gardening/farming-themed game where all players are, together, trying to harvest all their vegetables before Winter arrives. Winter arrives little by little as you have to add a piece to the puzzle picture of a winter scene when you roll a certain side on the die. My children and I would say, in a spooky voice, “Winter’s cooooming…” every time we needed to add a piece to the puzzle, which would add to the excitement.

Race to the Treasure, which has won many toy awards, pits players against an “ogre” to see who can reach the treasure first. It can be a close race, with lots of twists and turns.

Does your family have any cooperative games you enjoy together?