When my son had his “Handing Over” ceremony last month marking his transition out of the “Early Childhood” realm and into “The Grades” (these are the general terms used in Waldorf Schools for the nursery and kindergarten classes and the first through eighth grade classes), I felt so much appreciation for his teachers and all the lessons they had taught me. My son? Well, he didn’t need to “learn” any “lessons”, he just experienced a joyful and completely developmentally appropriate first few years of school.

Waldorf education and Simplicity Parenting go hand-in-hand. In fact, when I read Simplicity Parenting for the first time, I was struck by how much it resonated with what I was already learning and experiencing as I took my boys to parent-child classes at their Waldorf school. The simple environment, the steady rhythm and the filtering out of the busy adult world were cornerstones of the parent-child classes and were what made entering the beautiful pink classroom feel like a entering a different world — a more peaceful, slow and deliberate one.

I was happy today to find this article which resonates with my experience. By applying the principles of Simplicity Parenting to our home lives, we can create in our homes the same kind of wonder that lives in Waldorf kindergarten classrooms.