I’m currently reading the great book Reset Your Child’s Brain by Victoria Dunckley, M.D. In this book, Dr. Dunckley discusses the prevalence of what she calls Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS), which can often be misdiagnosed as various psychiatric disorders or can worsen disorders that are present.

Her (by her accounts) very successful treatment for ESS is a five-week electronic “fast” for children. In this article, which has been making the rounds on the internet, a mom describes the powerful effects the electronic fast had on her child.

I think this book, and the idea of the electronic fast, are great. But, I think the results could be even better if, while the screen fast was happening, the parent(s) were also learning about the principles of Simplicity Parenting and making changes in the four realms (Environment, Rhythm, Scheduling and Filtering Out the Adult World) we discuss in my classes. The combination of these interventions would, I imagine, be life-changing, for children, for parents, for the family ecosystem.

In this spirit, I’m excited to offer Simplicity Parenting support, either in person (if you live in Portland) or on the phone (if you live anywhere else), if you are doing an electronic fast for a child or children in your home.

Contact me at lisa (at) handmade parenting (dot) com for more information or read more details here.