Siblings: A New Paradigm

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Siblings: A New Paradigm

More Handmade Parenting Classes & Support

Electronic Fast Support

Engaging in a "screen fast" with your child can be a powerful way to "reset" a system that isn't working well.

Many parents have had dramatically positive results from removing screens from their child's life for several weeks.

In order for a fast to be most effective, it is important to go about it in a clear, organized and deliberate manner.   I have helped many families change their relationships to screens and I would love to support your family through your electronic fast.

Simplicity Parenting 101

When you sign up for my nine-week Simplicity Parenting 101 class (offered seasonally), you are signing up for:

  • Increased Connection with loved ones;
  • Intentional Time and Space to make improvements in your family life;
  • Support for yourself and your family on this vital journey of parenting &
  • Transformation as you bring more awareness to yourself and your relationship with your children.

Parent Coaching

I offer support to parents around many parenting issues. Areas of expertise include:

  • Creating stronger family rhythms,
  • Setting up bedrooms and play spaces to cultivate deep play,
  • Increasing family connection,
  • Creating meal plans,
  • Preserving childhood
  • Teaching warm, firm and kind limit-setting and discipline.