Whether our children are toddlers or teenagers most of us know that sinking feeling that occurs when our child begins to explode–whether it be the back-arching of the toddler, the sibling hitting of the seven-year old or the hissed “I hate you” of the teenager. These moments, and the long moments that follow, are often filled with confusion (what am I supposed to be doing here?), inner conflict (how can I let her get away with this?) and defeat (I am a bad parent or even I hate this!). Most of us would like to handle these times with more skill, more confidence, more kindness and more calm, but we don’t even know where to begin.

What if I told you that it’s possible for these times–the tantrums, the sibling fights, the teenage outbursts–to become times that connect you and your child?

That instead of having a “hangover” of self-recrimination, doubt, regret and disconnection, you could instead come out of those inevitable moments (or afternoons) feeling more solid in your parenting knowing that your child (whether they are two or twelve) has felt your love, acceptance and care?

If this sounds like an impossibility (yet a compelling idea!) I would like to invite you to join me for Understanding Frustration, a 4-week online course, which begins this coming Tuesday, September 19th. Each week we will meet live in a Zoom Room (don’t worry, Zoom is super easy to use) on Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm PST. In between the live classes, we will discuss, chat and ask questions on a private class facebook page. Don’t worry if you the live class time doesn’t work for you, all classes will be recorded and you can watch them at your convenience.

*As always, I work out of the attachment-based developmental paradigm of Dr. Gordon Neufeld. The Neufeld Paradigm trusts first and foremost in Nature’s developmental process and aims to support parents in becoming their children’s “best bet.”*

If you have any questions about Understanding Frustration, or about setting up a parent consulting session, please email me.