Do you feel it? Back-to-school time is in the air; it’s all around us, from the darker morning skies to the lunch bag displays at the grocery store. This time of year holds so much promise — new things to learn, new possibilities to explore, new friends to make (as well as quite a bit of the expected anxiety that comes with new routines, new people and things not-yet-mastered).

I like to look at my Simplicity Parenting classes as “Parenting School” and, as such, they hold the same promise as Back-to-School does for our kids. There are new parenting skills to learn, old skills to polish up on and new connections to forge.

I am always so impressed by the parents in my classes; they have taken the time – two hours a week for seven weeks – out of schedules that are already packed full to devote time, energy and intention to becoming better parents. For a role that we spend so much time “doing,” we often take no time to intentionally look at our parenting — where are we doing well?, what is hard?, where could we use help?, where do we find the joy?

I love teaching these classes, because I get to spend time teaching, exploring and designing changes with dedicated, lovely parents who are delighted to have their own “Back-to-School” experience.

Join me this Fall!

PWS Simplicity Parenting Fall 2014 Flyer