Day 5 of Attachment Roots: In the fifth year of life the capacity to attach through LOVE opens up. So tender, so vulnerable, the capacity to attach in this way requires a deep sense of safety.

Four and five year-olds, if they move into this mode of attachment, are filled with hearts: drawings of hearts, talking about hearts, and sincere “I love you”s abound.

Attaching through the heart enables children to hold on to us while we are physically apart; it allows them to stay connected to us always. They can feel their love for us and our love for them no matter the circumstance. It’s a truly beautiful place for a child to be.

A book that captures this attachment root so well is The Invisible String. I highly recommend this book and love to use the string metaphor with my boys.

Tomorrow we will finish our exploration of Dr. Neufeld’s attachment roots. Thank you for joining me on this journey!❤️

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