Lisa’s works from the attachment-based developmental paradigm as articulated by Dr. Gordon Neufeld .

The Neufeld paradigm emphasizes the importance of attachment in supporting our children in reaching their full human potential. Lisa’s classes, workshops and consulting sessions aim to empower parents, teachers and grandparents to become the answer to their children’s (students’/grandchildren’s) needs.

The Simplicity Parenting movement also informs Lisa’s work. Simplicity Parenting advocates for the slowing down of family life and for the preservation of childhood. It is a counter-cultural movement that has developed in response to the pervasiveness of “too much, too fast, too soon and too many choices” in children’s lives today.

Lisa also draws inspiration from the wisdom of Waldorf education, Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), the many great teachers her sons have had, her own intuition and, most importantly, her own parenting journey.