The Alpha Child

A 10-hour course created by The Neufeld Institute and facilitated by Lisa Weiner, MSN

Offered for the first time ever in Portland!

When parents come into my office reporting that parenting is impossibly difficult, it usually turns out that their child is what Dr. Gordon Neufeld calls an "Alpha child."

Alpha children are bossy, controlling, stubborn, anxious and, yes, very difficult to parent. Attachment is hierarchical and Nature's plan is for parents and teachers to be the providers and for children to be the dependents. With Alpha children, Nature's plan is turned on it's head; Alpha children believe that they are in the lead and it does not feel right for them to follow or depend.

In this ten hour course we will explore all aspects of the Alpha child: the qualities of an Alpha child, how the roles become inverted, what these children need from us and, finally, how to get back into right relationship with the Alpha children in our lives.

Offered in a fun and intensive "summer camp for parents" style, this course will meet from 9:30-12 on four consecutive days beginning of July 22nd. Coffee, tea and homemade baked goods (regular & gluten-free) will be provided each day.

Drop your (Alpha?) child off at their camp and come enjoy grown-up summer camp where you will learn, grow and, yes!, have fun too!

Enrollment is limited to fifteen parents; this course will fill quickly!


Alpha Summer Camp for Parents Schedule:

Day 1: Making Sense of Alpha

Day 2: The Many Faces of Alpha

Day 3: The Causes and Consequences of an Alpha Complex

Day 4: Taming an Alpha Complex

9:30-9:45: Daily introductions, gather coffee, tea and pastries to enjoy during Dr. Neufeld's recorded video lecture.

9:45-10:45: Watch lecture together (80-page study guide with note-taking pages included in class tuition)

10:45-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Lecture discussion and Q and A