Making Sense of Adolescence

Course created by The Neufeld Institute and taught by Lisa Weiner, MSN.

Note: Making Sense of Adolescence will be offered again in Winter 2019. Sign up for the mailing list to get notified of future class dates.

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What are other parents saying about this class?

"The information felt relevant, engaging and packed with insight. The way in which the material was presented was very high-quality, complex and pushed the boundaries of modern cultural ideas."

"This class has given voice to many theories I know but couldn’t articulate. I have renewed patience, grace and forgiveness with my children and a deeper sense of their true needs."

"Lisa is a wonderful resource. She is filled with passion and relatable stories to share to bring the learning to life."

"This class has been so thorough and enlightening. I feel like I now have a comprehensive view of adolescence and a deep understanding of how to support my kids through it!"

"This amazing class has given me the most important tools to navigate adolescence alongside my children. I started this class fearful of entering the adolescent stage with my children; I now feel like I have the skills to help navigate adolescence with them. This class brought hope and excitement to this stage!"

"Lisa is a spirited guide. She shares fully her successes as well as her 'bumps,' the moments that might be called mistakes of parenting, that become openings to a path of connection with her own kids. She affirms our intuition and gives us permission to follow it."

"I love Lisa’s classes. I always feel like I’m coming home. Her wisdom, great stories and warmth make every class a pleasure."

"The material Lisa teaches brings me back to a deep groundedness in truth and intuition. The path she lays out may not always be easy but it always feels right and draws on the deep connectedness of relationship. Her approach asks me to be the best parent and best person I can be."

Making Sense of Adolescence for you if...
  • You are the parent of a teenager and are struggling with how to parent them during this tumultuous time.
  • You have a pre-teen and want to be prepared for the changes of adolescence.
  • You recognize that most teens today are on a path of conformity rather than individuation and you yearn for something more for your teen.
  • You are a teacher and want to better understand your middle-school or high-school students.
  • You want to commit to spending time each week dedicated to your parenting practice.
  • You have a hunch that you, the parent, are an essential part of your teen's successful crossing of the "bridge" for childhood to adolescence.
  • You are struggling to make sense of your own adolescence as your parent your own adolescent children.
  • You want to gain insight into your teen, so as to better support their growth and maturation.
  • While you realize you are no longer the "boss" of your teenager, you hope to be "hired back on" as a "trusted consultant"!

Curriculum Overview:

*Note: for the upcoming September 2018 class, we will cover weeks one, two and three the first Saturday, weeks four, five and six the second and weeks eight and nine on the last Saturday.*

Week One:

Adolescence in Perspective, Crossing the Bridge and Changes in Adolescent Consciousness

Week Two:

Two Paths Diverge: Conformity vs. Individuality, How to Support Individuation and Differentiating between "Normal" and "Natural" Teen Development.

Week Three:

Walking through Aloneness and Sadness: the Necessary Road to Individuation, the Escalating Problems of Boredom, Addiction and Aggression.

Week Four:

Taking a Wrong Turn: When Peers Replace Adults. Exploring Social Media.

Week Five:

The Counterwill Storm: How to Survive Teen Resistance

Week Six:

Becoming Tempered: The Key to Adolescent Balance and Stability

Week Seven:

Reclaiming our Youth: How to Hold, or Win Back, Their Hearts

Week Eight:

Becoming a Sexual Being: Pursuing Proximity in Another Dimension

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