Discipline: A New Paradigm


In Discipline: A New Paradigm, we will start at the beginning, with our relationship with our child. We will come to understand that our connection with them is the root of their growth, happiness, maturity and development. We will learn how to make sense of our child's behavior (and misbehavior!) and how to preserve our relationship with them, no matter what comes our way.

We will learn together - through video lessons, live group coaching calls, a vibrant parent forum and more. We will share wisdom, stories, tips, tricks and, definitely, laughs. We will remember our role as warm, firm, calm, loving and generous guardians of our children's hearts.

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Discipline: A New Paradigm

5 Week Online Class in progress.

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Engaging in a "screen fast" with your child can be a powerful way to "reset" a system that isn't working well.

Many parents have had dramatically positive results from removing screens from their child's life for several weeks.

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