Do you wish for more connection, ease and joy in your family?

As a parent consultant my goal is to support you in better understanding your child. From there you can begin the journey of becoming the parent that your child needs.

Parent consulting is generally a short-term process; usually somewhere between 5-15 sessions are what is needed to get you and your child back into right relationship.

Areas in which I can provide support:

  • Attachment
  • Frustration
  • Resistance and defiance
  • Screentime
  • Bossy, controlling "Alpha" children
  • Discipline
  • Sibling fighting and rivalry
  • Anxiety
  • Disconnection between parent and child
  • School Behavior Issues
  • Attention Problems
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It's never too late to connect more deeply - let's get started today!

Warm wishes,

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The understanding of relationship is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of action.

J. Krishnamurti

SonjaOne of Lisa's greatest strengths is presenting material in a way that it can be used without a lot of practice.  I notice immediate benefits at home after one of her classes.  She seems to continuously study because she always finds new information that fits the topic at hand.  I appreciate her mix of teaching, using guided meditations (one from a few years ago that I use to this day) personal mantras and experiences that make her classes relatable, down to earth and the most worthwhile parenting help I have found. 

Sonja Geisler

JenniferI recently took Simplicity Parenting 101 and loved it. I found it to be a parenting approach that is in alignment wth my deeper sense of relationship with my daughter. It's drawn my attention to being more present and creating a very valuable rhythm in our lives.  Lisa is an amazing teacher; her stories bring simplicity parenting to life and create a vivid reference point for the teachings. I highly recommend her courses and, personally, I can't get enough of them!

Jennifer Ohno

AndreaTaking Simplicity Parenting 101 has been one of the best things I've done for myself and my family. The recommendations have been simple, yet have had profound effects on our family life.

Andrea Livingston

DreLisa's Simplicity Parenting 101 and Simplicity Summer Workshop have had an incredible impact on my parenting. I became a keen observer of my children's play and learned how and when we needed to make shifts in our activities. This had an extremely positive impact on my children. I saw less meltdowns and sibling conflicts! I've read lots of parenting books and have taking a couple other classes but I have to say, Lisa's class gave me some serious tools for my parenting toolbox that I have come to heavily rely on!

Dre Davey

Kristine and ElliottLisa was always very responsive and thoughtful; she listened well and gave excellent advice. I learned how to slow down and connect more with my son.

Kristine Ringler

Parent consulting sessions are available at my office in Milwaukie or long-distance via phone or Skype.

I work with parents of children of all ages; from birth through adult children.

Cost is $95 per 55-minute session. If you need financial assistance, please let me know.

I look forward to helping you create more joy, connection and ease in your family!


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Are you a teacher or school administrator looking to book an in-service or parent education evening?

Email me at

Adolescence & Sexuality

In this 4-week course, developed by The Neufeld Institute as supplement to mainstream “Sex Ed”, we will explore how to support our teens in relating to their unfolding sexuality in a way that is respectful, safe and healthy (for body and heart).

In a culture that is hyper-sexualized and rife with wounding sexual messages, our teens need us to assuredly and protectively guide them through this new territory.

Through the lenses of development, maturation, vulnerability and attachment we will come to better understand what our teens need from us; and we will likely come to understand sexuality in general a bit better along the way.

Personalized Group Classes

I am so excited to announce a new Handmade Parenting offering: personalized group classes! 

What are they? 

These are small classes (2-6 parents) in which we will address exactly the issue(s) that your group is interested in!

How do they work? 

You gather the group, decide the topic and we’ll find a time and space to meet. If your group has 4 or fewer parents in it, we can meet in my (small!) office; if your group is larger than that, we can meet at one of your homes.

Parent Coaching

Can't make it to a class or workshop?

I offer personalized support to parents around many parenting issues.

Some of my areas of expertise include:

  • Creating stronger family rhythms
  • Setting up bedrooms and play spaces to cultivate deep play
  • Increasing family connection
  • Creating meal plans
  • Preserving childhood
  • Teaching warm, firm and kind limit-setting and discipline

Interested in booking a FREE 15 minute discovery conversation with me? Click to learn more.

Learn more about me and my parenting philosophy

Lisa Weiner is a nurse practitioner, parent educator and consultant.

In addition to teaching parenting classes on topics ranging from screen time to discipline, Lisa is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences and has a parent consulting practice where she supports parents of children of all ages.

Lisa’s work is rooted in the attachment-based developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld. Lisa is a student in the facilitator training diploma program at The Neufeld Institute and has found that Dr. Neufeld’s paradigm has deeply enriched her own parenting, her work with parents and her understanding of human development and relationships.

Lisa’s style is warm, supportive and down-to-earth. You can expect connection, stories and laughter in a class or session with Lisa. Lisa is the mother of two boys ages 9 and 13.


Book Discussion

I’ve long been a fan of Carrie’s blog The Parenting Passageway. While her homeschool curriculum and Christian festival posts aren’t relevant for me, I always appreciate her posts on family life and parenting and I always like her book discussions (the books she chooses are usually ones I’ve read and liked, or ones on my…