Lisa is a parent coach and nurse practitioner.

Lisa received a BA from Tufts University in 1993 and a Masters of Science in Nursing from The Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2000. She is a Certified Simplicity Parenting counselor.

Most importantly, she is the mama of two wonderful boys (ages 8 and 11).

Lisa lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, sons and dog. She teaches parenting classes on a wide variety of topics, leads workshops at schools and conferences around the country and works individually with parents.

Lisa's style is friendly and warm and her work is informed by her love of the home arts, Waldorf education, the Simplicity Parenting movement, her appreciation of humor and her extensive studies at the Neufeld Institute. Lisa has also completed Levels 1 and 2 of HANDLE training.

Would you like to work with Lisa? E-mail her at: lisa@handmadeparenting.com