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From the Blog: Simplicity Parenting In Action

Sunday Bagels

Last week in my Simplicity Parenting 101 class, we dove deep into an exploration of rhythm. “Rhythm Week” in my classes is always one of my favorite weeks; I could talk about rhythm forever! In our group coaching call, we explored the difference between rhythms and routines or schedules. We came up with some key…

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Food for Thought Thursday 10/6 – Staying Connected: School Days

The age-old idea of packing a little note in our child’s school lunch is really wise. It doesn’t need to be a note, but being aware of holding onto our connection with our children while they are at school is an good thing to keep in mind. Ways to do this: 1. If you have…

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No Gold Stars Here

This article in The Washington Post describes not only the inefficacy of classroom ‘behavior management’ systems, but also the myriad negative effects that can result from these systems.. Not only are children experts at sniffing out manipulation and coercion (and they respond negatively – as we all do – when they feel forced or bribed),…

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Client Love

JillianLisa creates a warm and welcoming space for parents to share, question and explore simpler choices together...this time reflecting and being reflected has been a highlight of my week and continues to inform my parenting path. Lisa brings a light heart and a celebratory spirit; she is lovely, highly-skilled and clearly dedicated to her own inner parenting work.

Jillian Nelson

SonjaOne of Lisa's greatest strengths is presenting material in a way that it can be used without a lot of practice.  I notice immediate benefits at home after one of her classes.  She seems to continuously study because she always finds new information that fits the topic at hand.  I appreciate her mix of teaching, using guided meditations (one from a few years ago that I use to this day) personal mantras and experiences that make her classes relatable, down to earth and the most worthwhile parenting help I have found. 

Sonja Geisler

JenniferI recently took Simplicity Parenting 101 and loved it. I found it to be a parenting approach that is in alignment wth my deeper sense of relationship with my daughter. It's drawn my attention to being more present and creating a very valuable rhythm in our lives.  Lisa is an amazing teacher; her stories bring simplicity parenting to life and create a vivid reference point for the teachings. I highly recommend her courses and, personally, I can't get enough of them!

Jennifer Ohno

AndreaTaking Simplicity Parenting 101 has been one of the best things I've done for myself and my family. The recommendations have been simple, yet have had profound effects on our family life.

Andrea Livingston

DreLisa's Simplicity Parenting 101 and Simplicity Summer Workshop have had an incredible impact on my parenting. I became a keen observer of my children's play and learned how and when we needed to make shifts in our activities. This had an extremely positive impact on my children. I saw less meltdowns and sibling conflicts! I've read lots of parenting books and have taking a couple other classes but I have to say, Lisa's class gave me some serious tools for my parenting toolbox that I have come to heavily rely on!

Dre Davey

Kristine and ElliottLisa was always very responsive and thoughtful; she listened well and gave excellent advice. I learned how to slow down and connect more with my son.

Kristine Ringler